St Patricks, sun and a whole lot of fun!


We had such a lovely week last week. The weather was glorious and we were able to get out of the house as a family for a change and spend a lot of time in the garden playing in the sandpit, riding pedal tractors, bouncing on the trampoline and playing with our dog Masie.

Tuesday was St Patricks day so we went into town with my mother, the boys Nanny, and watched the St Patricks Day Parade. Harry loved watching all the floats and even managed to see mickey and mini mouse and get a high five from Donald Duck which completely made his day! At the parade was Irish dancers and other dance groups, bands and loads of different floats with a St Patricks Day theme.

On Wednesday we spend nearly the whole day outside and after lunch we had a lovely visit from my Hubby's cousin and her little girl. It was lovely to have a good catch up with them and was nice to have someone over for Harry to play with as well.

We had another fantastic class at Jo Jingles on Thursday. Harry just loves music and is always dancing so Jo Jingles is perfect for him to burn of a bit of energy and its nice to be able to do something together especially for him. This week is our last week of the class but we are able to sign up for another 9 week term so I think I will enrol him again as he just loves it so much and it will be his last opportunity to go to the class before he heads of to Nursery full time in September.

Over the weekend the weather was, again, fantastic. We literally spent the whole day Sunday out in the garden and it was nice for Harry to spend some 'male bonding' time with his daddy playing football and driving tractors, doing all the things that men do!


This week if the weather stays good we hope to make a good start of ticking of some of the things on our  Spring Bucket List and make some Easter Crafts!!

What are you all getting up to this week??

Fashion Friday #4 - Next Baby Haul



As promised I have a baby haul of little bits that I pick up for James this week in NEXT which I think you are all going to love as much as wee do. Greys are so in right now as well as legging/joggers for boys, so you can imagine my excitement when I came across a new line of grey inspired baby clothing, Little Stars, with a cool funky tepee theme!! I fell in love with a pair of tepee leggings from Zara but unfortunately they had stopped making them so I knew straight away when I seen a similar pair in NEXT that James had to have them in his wardrobe. Of course he needed some t-shirts to go with his new leggings so here are a few of the things I picked up to mix and match his outfits with.

Three pack of t-shirts

The tepee t-shirt is my absolute fav! I just think it is so cute and different.
Again I just love the tepee design and the dark grey and it is an added bonus to have the matching hat and socks combo which also works well with the rest of the outfits bought.

 These are perfect for putting under the t-shirts when the weather is a little bit too cold for bare, chunky arms!

Pack of two leggings

I think you can guess by now that I absolutely LOVE these leggings they are a lovely design and so soft and comfortable. Think I may need to buy them in the next size up as I like them so much!
Grey lace up pram shoe

 What outfit isn't complete without a nice pair of shoes to tie the whole outfit together. These grey lace up shoes are fantastic and very soft and flexible giving baby plenty of room to move their feet. I cant seem to find this shoe on the NEXT web page but they cost only £5.

There are some other lovely items which I never got as they weren't yet in store but here is the link to the full collection.

Here's just a few snaps of James modelling some of his outfits!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend and make sure to check back next Friday for Toddler boys NEXT haul!!

Fashion Fridays #3 - Casual Weekend Style



Its Friiiiiiiiday!! The weekend is here already. That week flew by quickly! At the weekend I like to dress nice and casual during the day as I'm usually running errands or visiting family so its nice to be able to lounge about in something comfortable but still look stylish. I usually team a pair of converse or nice pumps with a pair of jeans and a jumper.  Here is some comfortable casual weekend style inspo for all you yummy mummy's out there!

- Ted Baker shopper bag - I love this wee bag! It's so handy for putting all those weekend shopping spree items in and how cute is that little bow!

- Jumper - this little jumper is out of Oasis. I just love the neck detail to it and you can never go wrong with black and white stripes!

- Pink strap watch - I came across this watch on the Debenhams website and just thought the baby pink strap was fab and would look lovely with the pastel detail on jumper.

- O.P.I nail polish - I love the colour of this nail polish and it matches perfectly with the watch strap!

- Shoes - These wee beauties are from River Island and are so handy to slip on and instantly make a plain outfit look chic yet still providing that all important comfort.

- Jeggings - This is my favourite make of jeans! The MOLLY jeggings from River Island are so comfortable and are a fantastic, stretchy, comfortable fit.

What's your favourite weekend style?

Weaning Wednesday #3


So it is week three of weaning James onto solids. I would love to say it has been going great but to be honest it hasn't been! He does not like the food being in his mouth and doesn't let me take his bottle away from him, when giving him half his bottle before hand. I tried giving him his solids first but he just screams the place down until I give him his bottle. I think part of his fussiness with weaning is also down to the fact that he is teething like mad at the moment. He is always trying to take the spoon off me to chew on and sucking his bottle is like a comfort to him.

I have been thinking of trying the baby lead weaning as he is trying to put things up to his mouth and he might like biting into the food more as it might help his gums as well. I have been putting off baby lead weaning as I'm so afraid of him chocking, but I have been chatting to a few mums who are doing BLW with their babies and have had no problems, which has reassured me a little and has given me some confidence to think about putting it to the test.

Carrot batons are the first BWL food that I am thinking of trying with him as they are easy held and don't have a very strong taste so may prove more palatable for him.

I'm hoping his hate for pureed food is down to his teething and that he will start to enjoy new tastes and textures soon but for now we are just taking it one day at a time letting him set the pace.

Some foods that we have tried so far:
  • apples
  • carrot
  • sweet potato
  • peas
  • pear
  • mango
  • parsnips
  • creamy porridge
Have any of you dealt with a baby refusing to wean or have any advice on BLW? I would love to hear from you!

Easter Crafts For Toddlers



With Easter not too far away I thought I would put together some Easter crafts to try over the holiday with your little ones. I really want to do more crafts with Harry and plan to pick up bits and pieces over the next week or two for us to do together. I will let you know in a separate post what I have picked up. Here are some of my favourite Easter crafts that I have came across on pinterest that I would like to try.

Pompom hangers
Paper plate chick
Paper plate sheep
Pom pom painting
Wooden spoon chick
Paper cup Easter animals

What crafts are you going to do over the Easter Holidays?

Mothers Day Gifts Under £40


With Mothers Day next Sunday, 15th March, its time to think about what to get our lovely mummy's and hint at what us mummy's would like to get!! You can never go wrong with flowers or a pretty picture frame, but if you were looking to get something a bit more special check out my top 10 Mothers Day gifts for under £40!

  1.  Hand bag
  2.  Necklace
  3.  Flowers
  4.  Pyjamas
  5.  Cushion
  6.  Mug
  7.  Slippers
  8.  Watch
  9.  Candle
  10.  Newspaper clipping

What is everyone else getting their mothers for mothers day?