6 Sensory Play Activities For Kids



It's the weekend and what better way to spend it than with some quality time with the kids. Harry loves sensory play so over the weekend and next week I am going to make some sensory games with him and update you with what we made and how we got on in next weeks post.

Here are some ideas of the types of sensory activities we plan to do which you could try out with your kids as well. They are sure to love it.

(Link to activities on activity title)

DIY Rainbow Sensory Box 

Love this idea perfect alternative to a sand box and great for developing those senses!

Glitter/Calming Bottles

Harry just loves bottles. He likes to watch the liquid moving up and down the bottle when he moves it and noticed he carries some of the glitter bottles around at playgroup, so I think these will be one of the first things we will make as their so easy to do!

Harry also loves play doh so this would be a nice change and might be a bit less messy as well.

Perfect for kids who love to paint but also tend to get it everywhere! These can be great for older babies too as their is no risk of them eating the paint.

Foam Sensory Play

This looks like such good fun and so easy to do. You could add toys or kitchen utensils to make it more interesting. The one I have linked use shells for an ocean theme!

Sensory Boards

Love these sensory boards. They can be made to suit different ages and levels and are bound to keep those little minds occupied for ages!

Have any of you used some sensory play with your kids? If you have any sensory play activities that you would like to share I would love to hear about them in the comments.

Fashion Fridays #2 - Kids style inspo and outfits from the week


It's FRIDAY!! That means the weekend is almost here! Here is some baby weekend style inspiration and some of our looks from the week!

  1.  Wild one tee
  2. Star bib
  3. Beanie
  4. Moccasins 
  5. Leggings
  6. Scarf
  7. Teether

A few of this weeks outfits.

 If you have any questions about any of the outfits shown please leave a comment below. Have a great Friday everyone! xx

Newborn Photography Shoot


I just absolutely love pictures. They capture so many precious memories for us to look back on. Before James was born I contacted a photographer to book James in for a newborn baby shoot for when he was only a few weeks old so that in years and even months later I can look back and cherish the memories of how small and 'new' he was. I got Harry's photographs done with my Bounty vouchers that I got from the hospital but he was about 6 weeks old when he got them done so he wasn't 'quite' newborn as he was starting to get more head control and try and smile etc.

I have listed below when the best time is to get a newborn shoot and some things you should consider before you go and when you are at the shoot!

Before booking a photographer to shoot your newborn I would advise looking for someone who specialises in newborn photography as they will have a better idea on how to soothe babies and get them into different,safe, positions to be photographed and will most likely be shooting babies everyday so will have a good idea on what works best to achieve the perfect photographs for your new bundle of joy. Ask around friends and family as well to see who done their baby photo shoots and who they would personally recommend and make your decision based on these options.

Most photographers take a note of your due date so they have a base line to work with so they know roughly when you will be booking your session. A few days after your baby is born you should get in contact with your photographer again to pencil in a date.

 Photographers recommend that the first two weeks of life is the perfect time to get a newborn shoot done. This is because muscle tone is very weak and babies tend to sleep much deeper at this stage meaning it is easier to put them into different positions without annoying them too much.

You should bring a few bottles of milk with you to your photo shoot if you are bottle feeding, a dummy if you use one, spare nappies, and a change of outfit if you want your baby photographed in a few different things, but I think newborn photographs are much nicer when they are photographed with no clothes on and maybe just a blanket or shawl covering their modesty. Your photographer may be able to supply you with baby clothes, props or accessories but check before hand to make sure.

Photography sessions can last anywhere between 1-3 hours so keep this in mind if you are bringing other children with you so you can schedule your appointment around nap/feeding times. I would also recommend bringing some toys/snacks for older children to keep them occupied while the baby is getting their photographs taken and if your partner is unable to make the photo shoot with you, you could ask a friend or family member to come along with you to keep sibling amused in case you need to help out with the baby's photos.

I love looking back on these photos of James and seeing how much he has grown and developed in only a few months. If you are considering a newborn shoot I would highly recommend as they are only small once and you can't rewind back to them being that size again.

Weaning Wednesday #2



On Sunday I decided to try James on some baby rice again after his 11am bottle. I still haven't got round to cleaning Harry's old high chair (bad mummy) so I just sat the pram up a bit and gave it to him in that. We made the baby rice up with a little bit of his usual milk and gave it a quick heat in the microwave making sure there were no hot spots before giving it too him. I only gave him a small spoonful at first. He was still a little unsure of it but then started to reach out for the spoon and take a bit more. He took 3 or 4 small spoonfuls of the baby rice then started to push it all out again so we left it at that for the day.

On Monday he got baby rice again after his bottle and started to eat it slightly better. He was still screwing his face up and trying to figure out how exactly he was men't to eat it as he is only used to sucking through a bottle to eat and not chew.

Then yesterday (Tuesday) I tried James with some carrot. I just used the Ella's Kitchen carrot food pouch as I knew I would only be using a small amount at first and they can be kept in the fridge for 48 hours and can also be frozen into the ice cube trays that I suggested in my last weaning post. Using the pouches also gave me a good Idea on how thick of a consistency the food should be as well. James preferred the carrot purée better than the baby rice and was still trying to get the hang of trying to chew and it is so cute watching the little faces he makes when trying out these new foods.

I am going to try him on the carrot purée again today and tomorrow I will maybe try him with some more root vegetables like sweet potato or parsnip before introducing the sweeter tastes like fruit.

What is/where your little ones favourite 1st foods?

Ewan the Dream Sheep - Review



We were kindly sent a replacement Ewan, from sweet dreamers, after having battery troubles with our last one which would only last a day with high end batteries and then wouldn't work any more.

Where do I start about Ewan?! I think he is just AMAZING and has been such a life saver. We had been using white noise, off youtube videos, from James was only a few weeks old as he suffered from colic and it was the only thing that would help settle him a bit. If you are an iphone user, like myself, you will know how rubbish the battery life is and was constantly having to recharge it. As soon as I came across Ewan I knew he would be a big hit with James and save my phone battery and internet data at the same time!

Ewan is so soft and cuddly, with a white body and a purple head and legs. There is a velcro strap for his tail which can be useful for attaching to the crib or pram, when out and about, so he doesn't fall out.

Each one of Ewan's legs plays a different 'pink noise'. Each sound plays for 20 minutes and is recorded at low base frequency that the baby can predominantly hear in the womb. The four different sounds which he makes are:

  • Real womb sounds with heart beat
  • Vacuum cleaner with  heart beat 
  • Rain with heart beat
  • Harp with heart beat
James Favourite noise is the womb sound or the vacuum cleaner.

A pink glow also features on Ewan's tummy, which can be turned on or off, and is meant to resemble being inside the mothers womb and again help soothe and settle your baby.

I just think Ewan is fab and James instantly settles when he is played and within a few minutes is fast asleep. I would highly recommend Ewan to all my friend and family and to any expecting mums. It would also make the perfect baby gift. They are sure to love it as much as we do!

Does your little one have a Ewan the dream sheep? What do you think of it and what sound settles your baby the most?

(Disclaimer - all views are 100% my honest opinion and this review has not been endorsed in anyway)

Your Not Alone - Depression



Last night I stumbled across this blog post 'How to be a better mom while being exhausted' and it basically sums up exactly how I feel most Mornings in life. I am not a morning person and never have been, so when wakening up several times to a screaming baby in the middle of the night and then up early to attend to an over active toddler it can be physically and mentally draining.

Just before Christmas I was diagnosed with post natal depression which makes rising early and trying to put on a happy face, while your toddler is tipping a full box of cheerios on the floor and your trying to get a crying baby a bottle, feel like your in the middle of world war 3. There were days where I would stay in my pj's all day and sit on the couch while the TV babysat Harry and I was always trying to make James sleep just so I could sit down and have a break. I knew this wasn't like me and knew their was more to it than just being exhausted. I finally decided things needed to change and confided in my health visitor and told her my concerns and how I was feeling. I was glad I talked to her and she advised I went and seen my GP who prescribed me with anti-depressants. Going to my GP felt like a huge weight was lifted from me and I knew I was a step closer to trying to get my life back to normal and enjoy those special moments with my boys and get my relationship back on track with my hubby. Having Depression is something you have to deal with on a daily basis. Some people get over it quicker than others and some never get over it. Depression feels like a silent illness as people don't think their could be anything wrong with you because you look ok and you probably put on a brave face for the short time that you are in their company. I feel like no one understands when you tell them you have depression which is why only my husband, mother and close friend know I have it and even then I feel they don't full understand. Reading Aprille's blog post has inspired me, even though I am exhausted, to be a better parent even tough some days I know it will be hard. By just making a few adjustments to my day like trying to take a shower first thing in the morning, getting dressed and even just taking the time to eat properly, will hopefully try and start my day off on the right foot.

If you think you may be suffering with post natal depression please get in touch with your GP or health visitor. It will feel like a complete weight off your shoulders that you have taken that first step in talking to someone about how your feeling and if you have depression and want someone to talk to I would love to hear from you as I know one of my biggest struggles is that I feel like I'm going through this alone and have no one to turn to who understands what I'm going through. So please don't hesitate to drop me a comment below or email me @ mumslittleloves@gmail.com.

A little help for teething babies



James has hit the unavoidable teething stage. He has been teething for a while now but this past week or two he has been really unsettled with it. Here are a few things we have been trying and some signs of how to know if your baby is teething or not.

Signs you baby may be teething:

  • irritable and unsettled
  • red cheeks
  • drooling
  • red and swollen gums
  • chewing on fingers or fists and rubbing gums
  • off feeds
  • not sleeping as well at night or during naps

Teething is, unfortunately, something all babies have to go trough and as much as we hate to see our little ones in pain there are a few things that we can do to help.

Teething gels and powders
Teething gels and powders are great for quick and effective relief from teething pain. You can easily apply the gel direct to the pain source and gently massage it in. I have found the Dentinox teething gel to be great and it is suitable to use from birth and can be applied every 20 minutes. I haven't used the teething powders with James yet but found the Nelsons Teetha ones to be quite effective with Harry.

Teething toys are perfect for little ones to hold and chew on. I found the Sophie la Giraffe range to be great and are easily held by babies. Teethers that go into the fridge are great as well, as a cold compress will help soothe hot aching gums.

Amber beads
Amber bead necklaces and anklets are made out of natural Baltic sea Amber. The ambers natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliving properties are released into the skin when warmed through close skin contact. I haven't yet tried the amber necklaces but have heard from friends, that have used them on their babies, that they found them to be great so will maybe give them a go! However I would advise that they are always used under supervision to avoid chocking or strangling.

Infant paracetamol
Giving infant paracetamol or ibuprofen can have a great effect for teething babies but shouldn't be given together unless advised by a doctor. Always check the dosage information on the packet before giving to your baby. Personally I like to try the above methods first before resorting to medicine.

Sometimes a good cuddle and some reassuring comfort can be enough to help settle your teething baby and lets face it who doesn't like a good cuddle when we are not feeling our best!

What teething advice have you got or what have you found worked best for your baby? I would love to hear in the comments below!


Fashion Fridays #1 - Kids



The weekend is almost here! That flew pretty quickly. Harry is back to playgroup today so I have decided to use my time wisely and sort the boys clothes out and put the ones that don't fit anymore away into the attic. Harry didn't get too many clothes for Christmas or at his birthday in January so over the past few weeks I have been picking him up bits and pieces, mainly from next, and also got James a few 6-9 month clothes as he hadn't a big selection in that age range.

I didn't get taking any pictures of the clothes I got Harry but below I have put together a collage of some of the things out of next that I got for him this month.

  1. I'm kind of a big deal t-shirt 
  2.  Denim shirt
  3.  Blue zip up hoodie
  4.  Too awesome for this t-shirt
  5.  Jeans
  6. Dinosaur dip dye jumper 
  7.  White geo print shirt
  8. Navy brace trousers
When I was in next I also came across a cute dinosaur baby range and just had to get it for James. The colours are bright and colourful perfect for coming into the spring season. 

I just loves this little zip-up hoodie and its nice and light and perfect for layering.

Check out the back!

I picked up these dinosaur t-shirts as well along with matching leggings which are of a fab quality, like all of next's clothes, and how cute is the dino print! There was also matching socks and bibs that I picked up as well.

These gorgeous leggings and top are from dudesndolls. I got a pair of leggings each for the boys and got the 'don't grow up it's a trap' top for James.

As you can see LOVE next clothes! I just think they are a great quality at a reasonable price and they have a good variety of clothes. What are your favourite stores to shop for baby clothes?

Ikea Bedroom Haul - Harry's Bedroom


How can my, just, 3 year old have outgrown his toddler bed already! When his grandparents got him a Thomas the tank engine bed for his second Christmas I thought it would at least last him two or three years surly! Oh how I was wrong as we only seemed to manage 13 months out of it! Harry loves to lye across the bed and we think that is why he kept wakening up in the middle of the night as he would try to lye across and wake himself up by hitting his head on the sides etc. So a couple of weekends ago I took a notion that it was time to get rid of Thomas and get a new 'big boy' bed. That meant that there was only one place to go.. IKEA! Oh how I love IKEA. You can literally get everything you need there at amazing prices. It's fantastic. Here are some of the things we picked up on our trip! We decided to go for a monochrome look with a splash of red as he already had some red bits and pieces in his room and it works perfectly!

  1.  Kallax shelves - these are fantastic for any room in your house but we got this for Harry's room to store some of his books and toys that he uses regularly so they are all in the one place and easily accessible. In the bottom four squares we have used the red and black DORAN  boxes pictured in no: 7 which are great for holding toys and bits of lego.
  2. Gurli cushion - Harry already has two red gingham style cushions in his room so I picked up this plain red one just as an extra. 
  3. Tuvbaracka duvet - when I saw this duvet I knew it would work great with the rest of the room and the fact that it was reversible was an extra bonous.
  4. Vargyllen cushion - as you can tell I love cushions! I thought this would look nice as it had black and white stripes to match the duvet and it was a nice size as well.
  5. Navviva cushion - I just loved the pattern on this cushion and thought it would mix things up a bit bringing a different black and white pattern into the mix.
  6. Kura reversible bed - this bed is just great. I was a bit sceptical at first about getting Harry a bunk bed as I wasn't sure if he would be big enough to get up and down the steps on his own and was afraid of how he was going to manage getting out of bed in the dark if he woke up in the middle of the night. However when I saw the bed in the store it actually wasn't all that high and I thought he would be able to manage it ok and if he couldn't the great thing was that I could quickly and easily turn the bed upside down and use it as a normal bed until he was ready for it to be a bunk bed again.
  7. Doran red and black boxes - these boxes are so handy and at £2.50 each you can't go wrong. Like I said above I use these boxes along with the Kallax shelves and they fit great and are nice and deep to fit all those toys in and keep them out of the way.
  8. Samla box - again these boxes are nice and deep to store all those toys away. I got two of them, one for Harry and one for James, so they are able to have their own individual toys in and makes it easier for me to sort out whose toys go where when tidying them away at the end of the day.
We picked up a few extra bits like plain black picture frames and black and red hooks that are in the shape of a dogs hind legs and his tail is where you hang stuff from which I though were rather cool! Once the hubby finishes painting Harry's room I will do a post on the finished look!

If you would like any more info about any of the products above don't be afraid to leave a comment or email me!