James - 6 Month Update



James I cannot believe that you are 6 months old already! Where has the time went? It feels like you were only born two months ago and still a little 9lbs newborn, now you are gradually making new milestones and growing and learning something new every day!

Here is a little overview of how you are at 6 months old xx

No idea! We haven't had you weighed from your 4 month visit with the healh visitor but you weigh a tonne and you are getting so long as well.

You are still having 4/5 7oz bottles of hungry baby milk a day and last week we started you on solids. You still done know what to make of the baby food. The facial expressions you pull are hilarious! You are so different to your brother. He would have ate the arm of you if he had the chance but you are happy enough not to rush and take your time.

You are sleeping threw the night, most nights. Although recently you have decided you want to roll over onto your tummy and end up getting stuck and mummy has to come to your rescue. You love to have your little doggie and Ewan the dream sheep to fall asleep every night and also when your napping during the day. I love to sit and watch you sleeping and wonder what you are thinking about. You always look so peaceful...and I'm always a little jealous that I'm not down lying beside you sleeping aswell!!

You are in size 4 nappies at the minute! You love to get t off and have a good kick before bath time.

You are in most of your 6-9 month clothes at the moment. Only some of the bigger sized 3-6 month clothes fit you but I am sure it wont be much longer until I'm going to have to pack them away into the attic because their too small. I came across one of your first baby grows the other day when I was sorting out the clothes and I cannot believe how much you have grown in only a few short months.

You haven't been in the best of moods this past few weeks as you are teething and just wanting to chew on everything! We laugh that you are going to have no fingers left because you are constantly chewing them.

You love getting down on the floor and rolling at the moment. You are trying your best to get up on all fours to start crawling. I don't know how I will cope when that day comes! You will be all over the place. The jumperoo is your favourite past time. You could bounce about in it all day if we let you and you even managed to fall asleep in it one day!

You dislike weaning and teething and you have gotten to the stage where you don't like to be held, you would much rather be down on the floor rolling about. We even have to resort to putting you into your pram to give you your bottle as you try to turn around and fuss so much!


  • Can roll over
  • Can sit up on your own for short periods of time
  • Found your feet and love looking at your hands
  • Can find your dummy and put it in your mouth
  • Took first spoon feeds
  • Trying to crawl

I cant wait to see you grow and develop over the next few months and see how much has changed. I hope you will be more keen on your spoon feeds and your 1st tooth will have come threw by your next update at 7 months.

Love you James xx

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