Weaning Wednesday #3


So it is week three of weaning James onto solids. I would love to say it has been going great but to be honest it hasn't been! He does not like the food being in his mouth and doesn't let me take his bottle away from him, when giving him half his bottle before hand. I tried giving him his solids first but he just screams the place down until I give him his bottle. I think part of his fussiness with weaning is also down to the fact that he is teething like mad at the moment. He is always trying to take the spoon off me to chew on and sucking his bottle is like a comfort to him.

I have been thinking of trying the baby lead weaning as he is trying to put things up to his mouth and he might like biting into the food more as it might help his gums as well. I have been putting off baby lead weaning as I'm so afraid of him chocking, but I have been chatting to a few mums who are doing BLW with their babies and have had no problems, which has reassured me a little and has given me some confidence to think about putting it to the test.

Carrot batons are the first BWL food that I am thinking of trying with him as they are easy held and don't have a very strong taste so may prove more palatable for him.

I'm hoping his hate for pureed food is down to his teething and that he will start to enjoy new tastes and textures soon but for now we are just taking it one day at a time letting him set the pace.

Some foods that we have tried so far:
  • apples
  • carrot
  • sweet potato
  • peas
  • pear
  • mango
  • parsnips
  • creamy porridge
Have any of you dealt with a baby refusing to wean or have any advice on BLW? I would love to hear from you!

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