Spring Bucket List



Spring is finally here! Not that you would think it with the amount of snow we have been getting!!! I'm looking forward to warmer days, longer evenings, watching the flowers bloom and seeing the newborn lambs running around in the fields.

I have decided to put together a 'spring bucket list' of things to do over the next few months at home and with the kids. We hope to get as many of these ticked off as possible and am looking forward to setting myself a challenge and completing it!

Here are some of the things we would like to accomplish before springs up:

  • Go swimming
  • Go to the park
  • Stay at the caravan
  • Eat Easter eggs
  • Roll Ester eggs down hill
  • Attend Easter service at church
  • Do some Easter crafts
  • Go to soft play
  • Make a fort
  • Make sensory toys
  • Play in the sand pit
  • Go on a family walk
  • Go to the farm
  • Spring clean and sort toys
  • Make bird feeder
  • Bake buns
  • Feed ducks
  • Plant flowers

What things are you planning to do with the kids this spring??

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