6 Sensory Play Activities For Kids



It's the weekend and what better way to spend it than with some quality time with the kids. Harry loves sensory play so over the weekend and next week I am going to make some sensory games with him and update you with what we made and how we got on in next weeks post.

Here are some ideas of the types of sensory activities we plan to do which you could try out with your kids as well. They are sure to love it.

(Link to activities on activity title)

DIY Rainbow Sensory Box 

Love this idea perfect alternative to a sand box and great for developing those senses!

Glitter/Calming Bottles

Harry just loves bottles. He likes to watch the liquid moving up and down the bottle when he moves it and noticed he carries some of the glitter bottles around at playgroup, so I think these will be one of the first things we will make as their so easy to do!

Harry also loves play doh so this would be a nice change and might be a bit less messy as well.

Perfect for kids who love to paint but also tend to get it everywhere! These can be great for older babies too as their is no risk of them eating the paint.

Foam Sensory Play

This looks like such good fun and so easy to do. You could add toys or kitchen utensils to make it more interesting. The one I have linked use shells for an ocean theme!

Sensory Boards

Love these sensory boards. They can be made to suit different ages and levels and are bound to keep those little minds occupied for ages!

Have any of you used some sensory play with your kids? If you have any sensory play activities that you would like to share I would love to hear about them in the comments.

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