Newborn Photography Shoot


I just absolutely love pictures. They capture so many precious memories for us to look back on. Before James was born I contacted a photographer to book James in for a newborn baby shoot for when he was only a few weeks old so that in years and even months later I can look back and cherish the memories of how small and 'new' he was. I got Harry's photographs done with my Bounty vouchers that I got from the hospital but he was about 6 weeks old when he got them done so he wasn't 'quite' newborn as he was starting to get more head control and try and smile etc.

I have listed below when the best time is to get a newborn shoot and some things you should consider before you go and when you are at the shoot!

Before booking a photographer to shoot your newborn I would advise looking for someone who specialises in newborn photography as they will have a better idea on how to soothe babies and get them into different,safe, positions to be photographed and will most likely be shooting babies everyday so will have a good idea on what works best to achieve the perfect photographs for your new bundle of joy. Ask around friends and family as well to see who done their baby photo shoots and who they would personally recommend and make your decision based on these options.

Most photographers take a note of your due date so they have a base line to work with so they know roughly when you will be booking your session. A few days after your baby is born you should get in contact with your photographer again to pencil in a date.

 Photographers recommend that the first two weeks of life is the perfect time to get a newborn shoot done. This is because muscle tone is very weak and babies tend to sleep much deeper at this stage meaning it is easier to put them into different positions without annoying them too much.

You should bring a few bottles of milk with you to your photo shoot if you are bottle feeding, a dummy if you use one, spare nappies, and a change of outfit if you want your baby photographed in a few different things, but I think newborn photographs are much nicer when they are photographed with no clothes on and maybe just a blanket or shawl covering their modesty. Your photographer may be able to supply you with baby clothes, props or accessories but check before hand to make sure.

Photography sessions can last anywhere between 1-3 hours so keep this in mind if you are bringing other children with you so you can schedule your appointment around nap/feeding times. I would also recommend bringing some toys/snacks for older children to keep them occupied while the baby is getting their photographs taken and if your partner is unable to make the photo shoot with you, you could ask a friend or family member to come along with you to keep sibling amused in case you need to help out with the baby's photos.

I love looking back on these photos of James and seeing how much he has grown and developed in only a few months. If you are considering a newborn shoot I would highly recommend as they are only small once and you can't rewind back to them being that size again.

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