Weaning Wednesday #2



On Sunday I decided to try James on some baby rice again after his 11am bottle. I still haven't got round to cleaning Harry's old high chair (bad mummy) so I just sat the pram up a bit and gave it to him in that. We made the baby rice up with a little bit of his usual milk and gave it a quick heat in the microwave making sure there were no hot spots before giving it too him. I only gave him a small spoonful at first. He was still a little unsure of it but then started to reach out for the spoon and take a bit more. He took 3 or 4 small spoonfuls of the baby rice then started to push it all out again so we left it at that for the day.

On Monday he got baby rice again after his bottle and started to eat it slightly better. He was still screwing his face up and trying to figure out how exactly he was men't to eat it as he is only used to sucking through a bottle to eat and not chew.

Then yesterday (Tuesday) I tried James with some carrot. I just used the Ella's Kitchen carrot food pouch as I knew I would only be using a small amount at first and they can be kept in the fridge for 48 hours and can also be frozen into the ice cube trays that I suggested in my last weaning post. Using the pouches also gave me a good Idea on how thick of a consistency the food should be as well. James preferred the carrot purée better than the baby rice and was still trying to get the hang of trying to chew and it is so cute watching the little faces he makes when trying out these new foods.

I am going to try him on the carrot purée again today and tomorrow I will maybe try him with some more root vegetables like sweet potato or parsnip before introducing the sweeter tastes like fruit.

What is/where your little ones favourite 1st foods?

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