Ewan the Dream Sheep - Review



We were kindly sent a replacement Ewan, from sweet dreamers, after having battery troubles with our last one which would only last a day with high end batteries and then wouldn't work any more.

Where do I start about Ewan?! I think he is just AMAZING and has been such a life saver. We had been using white noise, off youtube videos, from James was only a few weeks old as he suffered from colic and it was the only thing that would help settle him a bit. If you are an iphone user, like myself, you will know how rubbish the battery life is and was constantly having to recharge it. As soon as I came across Ewan I knew he would be a big hit with James and save my phone battery and internet data at the same time!

Ewan is so soft and cuddly, with a white body and a purple head and legs. There is a velcro strap for his tail which can be useful for attaching to the crib or pram, when out and about, so he doesn't fall out.

Each one of Ewan's legs plays a different 'pink noise'. Each sound plays for 20 minutes and is recorded at low base frequency that the baby can predominantly hear in the womb. The four different sounds which he makes are:

  • Real womb sounds with heart beat
  • Vacuum cleaner with  heart beat 
  • Rain with heart beat
  • Harp with heart beat
James Favourite noise is the womb sound or the vacuum cleaner.

A pink glow also features on Ewan's tummy, which can be turned on or off, and is meant to resemble being inside the mothers womb and again help soothe and settle your baby.

I just think Ewan is fab and James instantly settles when he is played and within a few minutes is fast asleep. I would highly recommend Ewan to all my friend and family and to any expecting mums. It would also make the perfect baby gift. They are sure to love it as much as we do!

Does your little one have a Ewan the dream sheep? What do you think of it and what sound settles your baby the most?

(Disclaimer - all views are 100% my honest opinion and this review has not been endorsed in anyway)

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