A little help for teething babies



James has hit the unavoidable teething stage. He has been teething for a while now but this past week or two he has been really unsettled with it. Here are a few things we have been trying and some signs of how to know if your baby is teething or not.

Signs you baby may be teething:

  • irritable and unsettled
  • red cheeks
  • drooling
  • red and swollen gums
  • chewing on fingers or fists and rubbing gums
  • off feeds
  • not sleeping as well at night or during naps

Teething is, unfortunately, something all babies have to go trough and as much as we hate to see our little ones in pain there are a few things that we can do to help.

Teething gels and powders
Teething gels and powders are great for quick and effective relief from teething pain. You can easily apply the gel direct to the pain source and gently massage it in. I have found the Dentinox teething gel to be great and it is suitable to use from birth and can be applied every 20 minutes. I haven't used the teething powders with James yet but found the Nelsons Teetha ones to be quite effective with Harry.

Teething toys are perfect for little ones to hold and chew on. I found the Sophie la Giraffe range to be great and are easily held by babies. Teethers that go into the fridge are great as well, as a cold compress will help soothe hot aching gums.

Amber beads
Amber bead necklaces and anklets are made out of natural Baltic sea Amber. The ambers natural anti-inflammatory and pain reliving properties are released into the skin when warmed through close skin contact. I haven't yet tried the amber necklaces but have heard from friends, that have used them on their babies, that they found them to be great so will maybe give them a go! However I would advise that they are always used under supervision to avoid chocking or strangling.

Infant paracetamol
Giving infant paracetamol or ibuprofen can have a great effect for teething babies but shouldn't be given together unless advised by a doctor. Always check the dosage information on the packet before giving to your baby. Personally I like to try the above methods first before resorting to medicine.

Sometimes a good cuddle and some reassuring comfort can be enough to help settle your teething baby and lets face it who doesn't like a good cuddle when we are not feeling our best!

What teething advice have you got or what have you found worked best for your baby? I would love to hear in the comments below!


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